embargo two-step…

embargo two-step

seems that
our carriage
to the ball
won’t be
taking us
we could
such things
no spare parts
other forms
of transport
but then
we’d miss out
on the beauty
of life
it’s time
to dance
in the streets
in hand

14 thoughts on “embargo two-step…

  1. Viva Cuba!
    Although, it’s now gone the way of ZOG, politically anyway, that is, seems Fidel sold out to his tribe, he’s Jewish, has said so himself, says he was brought up as a Crypto Jew, obviously, the indoctrination stuck in his psyche becasue he has Israeli Vampires run and own enormous amounts of Cuban assets.

    Che Guevara would roll over in his grave if he knew.
    😱 😰 😥 😓 😨 😫 😱

    • Not sure where you got that information but Castro was baptized a Catholic and went to Catholic schools, which he spoke highly of later in life for their focus on “discipline, stoicism, [and] spirit of sacrifice.”2

      • Castro writes about it, I”ll find the articles and get back to you about it.
        Yes, he was brought up in a wealthy family of Marona Jewe (the term itself says what it means,
        Jews pretending to be in a Catholicc or other Christan lifestyle in order to avoid anti-Semitism, and make al livelihood), he went to Catllic schools and to Catholic church, however, he says, just as other Marano Jews say, at home, they practised Judaism.

        Will get the articles for you tomorrow, I was shocked when I first read them because it’s so sad how that tribe ends up all too frequently, betraying an entire revolution, as Castro has (and his Jewish brother) done, in oreder to be in with his tribe’s insane attachment to Israel.

  2. How the possibilities, a photograph speaks to an aging era, when lustre fades, but the colours inside the music to dyes, continues to dance in time. Yes, “cigar and rum in hand”.

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