alive line…

alive line

i’ve been considering
the empty space
between dreams
routine existence
its four dimensions
of spacetime
whether or not
is a form
of gravity
pulls us faster
as our position
on the continuum
of time
when death
has finally
attracted us
to its location
are our souls
part of that
boundless continuum
from manifest symmetry
or perhaps
we’re just
time dilations

8 thoughts on “alive line…

  1. I think we float in the same mental space. I’m thinking of the dimensions of life. Like I’m in this alternate existence. Death seems like it will be the ultimate reality. If I finish I will post it on Wednesday.

  2. Only the Infinite knows itself and about creation, the finite mind — due to its finite constrictions, can never comprehend the Infinite. It’s the divine mystery!

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