i wear
these moments
of despair
a well-tailored suit
no place
for dreams
with hope
room enough
for more
of those empty promises
we shall overcome
i see
the reflection
in my spit-polished shoes
another child
lying face down
on a city street
bleeding in
the same color blood
as the shooter
i loosen
my silk tie
for fear
it could become
a noose
a north
carolina noose
for hanging bodies
swing sets
find myself
humming bars
strange fruit
i move
into the darkness

9 thoughts on “threadbare…

  1. I have not listened to Nina Simone’s rendition until now. It’s always been Billie Holiday’s song for me. Let’s consider the fact that the song was written by a Jewish white man by the name of Abe Meeropol who was a communist.

    –Oh those empty promises — they do pack a sting, don’t they, charles?

    Consider this in the sad mix—depression can get you suicide by cop

    Who needs a horror flick for Halloween when the horror is all around us?
    Do you think zombies climb fences into gated communities? Have you seen that movie yet?

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