right–not your fault…

righ-not your fault

tearful eyes
staring back
at yesterday
as if
an apology
should be offered
to accept
any responsibility
for behaviors
to have been
worse yet
a mere puppet
of fate
on bended knees
offering up prayers
for tomorrow
with the same
to responsibility
as had

4 thoughts on “right–not your fault…

  1. we all make mistakes, some of us (like me) make big ones, but i dont mind getting my due for those mistakes, never did and never will. It’s ok, it teaches us to act with caution in future. Guess it might have been taught by a epic story i read as a child, a piece of ramayana. its amazing, as a child i thought it was harsh but now i think it was reality.

    The writer of Ramayana Valmiki was a robber, he used to kill and rob people. One day a sage was going through that path and he caught him to kill and rob. The saint asked him if he is fearful of his sins, he said he does these things for his family, so they will share his sins, the saint asked him to go to his home and ask his family members if they will share the burden of his sins, he went home and asked his wife, she said that it is his duty to bring home bread so no, he asked his kids they said it is his duty to feed them, he asked his parents they said they have brought him up now it is his duty to take care of them so no. That changed him totally and he became a sage, meditated for decades and finally woke up as Valmiki. His original name was Ratnakar. Well I read it when i was nine or ten years old, so that sort of taught me to be responsible for my own actions. whether you like it or not you should be decent enough to reap what you sow has always been my policy with myself.

  2. Yes! It would seem that sometimes religion fosters a victim mentality, not sense of responsibility for the choices one makes, eh?

    A very good poem, Charlie, and a very good photo.

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