no es facil…

no es facil

aunt bea
always says grace
before eating
even if its
some takeout
that i dropped-off
on my way home
from work
she told me
there were times
there wasn’t much
on the table
family and friends
would stop by for dinner
everyone brought
a rabbit
or possum
an uncle had caught
cooked by his wife
some greens and corn
harvested by others
the occasional
bottle of whiskey
given as gift
from a wealthy employer
house cleaning
well done
even though
it wasn’t as much
as some folks had
everyone left
a full helping of love

9 thoughts on “no es facil…

  1. What a wonderful poem. An advantage of my aging is that I no longer need to design the perfect meal before I invite friends and family. Now, I invite if I feel the need to share and receive love and can always put something fast and easy on the table. I never say no to those types of invites.

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