having seen distant lighting…

having seen distant lighting

the rains
passionate kisses
in the night
the grass
will turn
from brown
to green
old dreams
will become
if the rains

7 thoughts on “having seen distant lighting…

  1. Rain is a good sign of life to come; its rejuvenating and nourishing aspects revive, however, too much rain… and it destroys — balance, is the key.

  2. This photo reminds me of how dark threatening clouds from the ground become soft and inviting when up in the air. Amazing how strong our primitive need for rain becomes when the land become parched.

  3. This is beautiful Charlie. There is something magical, peaceful about walking in a gentle rain. It is a good time for reflection. I do think Genie is right, gentle is rejuvenating, but a torrential downpour can be devestating.

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