armed and dangerous…

armed and dangerous

my country tis thee
cutting down its children
in homeland war zones

in homeland war zones
words weave weapons to freedom
to keep and bear arms

to keep and bear arms
for fear government will strike
taking away life

taking away life
guns laugh at a mother’s plea
to return her child

to return her child
not even her god can do
hands-off policy

hands-off policy
used by government also
so more graves are dug

so more graves are dug
and more money made on death
i don’t understand

i don’t understand
why death can be so welcomed
by those making laws


5 thoughts on “armed and dangerous…

  1. This piece is very enlightening . I mean, it points to a very critical area of our governments policy right around the world & not to a particular country.
    I.e bigger slide of budgets are used for military spending; all in the name of security.
    But, then look around us as we bear more arms, we make our selves scary to other people. We make ourselves dangerous to our neighbours.
    Lets say this in another way: if inside a house there are father, mother & the children, and if either one of them brings in a gun into the house. Then that particular person becomes a threat to the rest of the family.
    So you see, fears, treats & all these feelings doesn’t exists in a calm & peaceful setting unless untill someone brings in a deadly & dangerous substance. And then these things automatically or naturally steers up that feeling, that scary feeling. I mean, that fear ; the build up of that which leads one to take up arms.
    So what is it now! We don’t have any options! We dont have any means to get out of that shit all along.
    We are being subjected to theories, doctrines & ideas of our constitutional fore bearers down the generations.
    What type of government system it might be, what kind of colour the people might be, all these drops down to the theories & doctrines of the past.
    Ever since, we have been carrying arms ( I mean our forefathers since time begins), we now what dead is, we have face that fear. All these have been there ever since. And I pity when this things gonna end.
    Dead, fear, sadness & all this stuffs are just like the arms that we carry on.
    These things are gonnas! We never survive in an ideal, calm & peaceful world untill & unless we let all this things go.
    All these arms, right from the first sword & arrow to the latest nuclear arms must all go. With it, feelings of fears & dead must go!
    Its a new world! Man, its a new world we are talking about.
    No more fears, no more enemies! These a things of the old world, old people, old ideas.
    No more turning back! Look forward, look ahead! That’s the way to go.
    Youths, young people, people of this new generation lets all rise up! Lets come together!
    New minds, new hearts, new love lets all search together for the ideal, that calm & new found peace that’s somewhere in the skies!
    Man this is not a shit! Its true, its affecting us & our future. Lets stand together. No more going back!
    And remove the graves! Man lets remove the graves!
    I go for the stuff you wrote & its about time such thoughts are shared & encouraged.
    I dont know what you might be thinking when wrote that stuff! But I love it, I salute the idea.
    I am here! If you have some more stuff we can share it here.
    I think I ‘ll pen off coz I feel this piece have a some thing speacial in my heart & I will continue to write.
    Bye! Stumps up for a wonderful stuff!

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