115 million wailing widows…

115 million wailing widows

a widow
her dreams
replaced by
children grown
no room
their home
for her
food to spare
forgotten is
mother’s milk
so too
worn down
to the bone
clawing a life
for these
ungrateful children
with death
no funeral pyre
she shall float
down the river
towards the sea
as an undocumented
child of earth


10 thoughts on “115 million wailing widows…

  1. I just read a note written by a widow. Her children were keeping her from doing the one thing she could still do – letter writing. We bury these dear souls alive when we take what little they have left. And all the children can do is count the remaining coins – always to few.

  2. I fear we have left behind the times when caring for our elders was a priority, when their wisdom and advice was considered valuable. Sad, but I pray there are exceptions to this

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  4. It’s only becoming worse for older women with the addiction people have to the internet.
    Also it’s the society that has become so obsessed with youth that once a person is older, they cease to exist, so to speak.

  5. Charles, your poems never fail to evoke powerful truth. I really felt this one, because I can’t feel it enough–at times I feel so poor, and yet I realise I am rich. Your poems are important, because they open eyes, evoke love, and inspire action. I just wish I knew what to do… I feel so overwhelmed by the world’s suffering. Thank you for this.

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