mother’s day…

mother's day

the hands
on the old clock
move so slowly
but each turn
of its gears
fills this empty room
with sound
like a grindstone
turning these bones
back into dust
to be carried
by the winds
into the loving arms
of mother earth

11 thoughts on “mother’s day…

  1. Amazing, I just got back from a walk in the forest and I was thinking about how the Earth/Nature, is our true Mother.

  2. This has so much tenderness and sentiment in it, like our mothers, mother earth is beautiful, strong, and wise and always there for us to see her beauty and enjoy her.

  3. 😀 I’m afraid to think about what this means about me, but what I thought about was how unfortunate it is that the bones of my mother are lying in a cement vault – unable to return to and sustain the earth. Thanks for confirming my plans to be cremated – so my ashes and fragments of un-burned bones can do what they were meant to do.

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