dancing on toes…

dancing on toes

sitting on her
front porch
aunt bea
the neighbor’s daughter
with her friend
for her quinceañera
she said
when i was young
i would grab
my father’s hands
he would lift me
placing my small feet
on each of his shoes
we would dance
he guiding me
each of his steps
so i could learn
how to dance
now days
folks are
quick to say
pull yourself up
stand on your
two feet
watching them
all the while
stumbling through life
i think
in life
we need to do
the same
as my father
lift someone
place them on
our toes
teach them
to dance

12 thoughts on “dancing on toes…

  1. Oh yes, Steven, this is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. I remember being on my uncles toes, and having my kids on my toes. You are so right, our youngsters (and some not so young) need to be taught and guided before they can dance on their own. You have spoken to the social worker in me. Thanks.

  2. oh so sweet, Charles! you always take me on a journey, especially when Aunt Bea is writing, into my past! thank you for that! exactly how I learned to waltz from my Daddy, unfortunately I’ve never once in my life had the opportunity to waltz… he passed away long before I walked down the isle… but I still passed on the tradition with my own two boys! 🙂

  3. This is beautiful, I remember doing it with my Dad and we did it with our children. We can all use some guidance at any given season in our lives

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