crimean war…

crimean war

north winds
in scarlet clouds
that they
shall come again
grave diggers
seizing plots
of land
to bury
the bodies
beside those
who fell
so many
years ago
the frozen black sea soil
muffling the sounds
of boots
boots like
funeral drums
fill the night air
as tear draped coffins
make their way
to forgotten mass graves
matter not
it would seem
the reason
the dead
to lament

6 thoughts on “crimean war…

  1. first – i love the pic… the words have a heavy weight… i would hope no one ever forgets their names… there’s a monument for the jews that died during WW II and what they do is read all their names…again and again…to remember..

  2. this whole situation (any war for that matter) is so very sad. we talk about being civilized and all that, but i can’t believe we still fight wars in this day and age. oh well.
    beautifully portrayed, as always!

  3. this side of human beings really freezes my very soul. How can they massacre human beings like that, no matter what excuse they give! nothing can justify that ghoulish monstrosity! its scary to think what goes inside those minds.

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