morbius at home…

morbius at home

the brown bag prophet
you ever seen
that scifi movie
forbidden planet
’bout the potential danger
krell technology posed
to mankind
in the wrong hands
an id monster
…for a long time
we have
our own
after bringing them home
from wars
across the globe
dumping the injured
into va hospitals
before they’re jettisoned
onto skid row
to search
for a meal
of dignity
a cup respect
society’s behavior
is far more
than disrespect
it’s an offense
against bravery
when some soldier
turns to drugs
or crime
you and your
high and mighty
world morals
cannot deny
you’ve helped
to shape
the beast

12 thoughts on “morbius at home…

  1. my sentiments exactly, first pick up the best specimens of youth, then send them to die for your own gain, ego… if they are useless bring them back and leave them out on the street to die.

    you certainly will reap what you have sown.

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