holographic images…

holographic images

these children you see
homeless hungry and alone
are to be ignored
their fate is not yours
nor that of your dear children
no need to look up
finish your coffee
catch the downtown train to work
you’ll feel better then
we have really tried
to make them invisible
but their holograms
for moral reasons
reappear from time to time
not to worry friend
winter vacation
is at hand so forget them
have another drink
give us a moment
to erase their visual file
from your memory
they’re a hologram
nothing more than an image
that somehow can bleed

8 thoughts on “holographic images…

  1. There is so much truth in this one, there are many like this in our world, which saddens me way too much. I know it happens every day yet in my heart, I pray and wish it didn’t and that we could change everyone’s heart to care for and about one another.

  2. This dry irony and sarcasm is like a pointed spear to my heart. That image ^^ Who the hell builds a chandelier like that? Flippin makes me sick. I believe everything you have said to be true, but I admit to feeling powerless when it comes to helping these ‘images that bleed’. Writing about it is one such way of bringing awareness, good work with this.

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