a public service announcement…

a public service announcement

gun-rights activists
please take a moment
to walk the grounds
of columbine high school
local theater lobbies
the newtown elementary school
any city
small town street
please collect
the spent shell casing
from the last massacre
for these
can be melted down
to make crosses
for children’s graves
helping families
with funeral expenses
will be your
public service
the number
of shots fired
this should
only take a moment
or two
of your time

8 thoughts on “a public service announcement…

  1. ugh….sharp and spot on… over here we have strict gun laws…which doesn’t mean you cannot get one if you really want to – but you have to use illegal channels then and not just open the living room cupboard, so that puts the hurdle a bit higher…

  2. when I read about these massacres I feel the scary side of rampant availability of guns and other weapons but when I read about all those attacks on harmless men/women going from a place to another or at their very home I start doubting my own fear.

    I really don’t like walking around like a dessert to goons (I would have bought a gun if it was not so tough a game in India)

  3. I’ll put this plainly: I’d be prepared to go along with the “guns = freedom” argument, if those who shouted it most loudly weren’t capitalism’s most abject bunnies. Just saying.

  4. The senseless violence in our world causes so much pain and sadness. I do not own a gun but those I know who have them are very responsible. It seems to me it is not the gun doing the senseless killing but the person behind the gun. Guns cannot pull their own trigger, the state of mind of the person is what needs attention. Perhaps if we teach the future generations more about caring for one another, investing time in our fellow man, we would be able to help another because we see the signs before a tragedy happens and be able to help, and maybe prevent.

  5. I often wonder IF any of our modern day gun rigths activists would have the guts to do what the people who wrote that little bill had in mind when they included “the right to bear arms”.
    My guts says NRA? Probably not. They’d be part of the problem not the solution.
    Hi Charles. Still loving your contribution to the revolution theme. Really.

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