hunting license…


when those
without color
came to this land
mother earth
was raped
nature’s fabric
was torn away
with plows
her limbs
bound with fences
her children
killed without mercy
all to claim
the land
which only
they have stolen
her gifts
from life’s altar
only decay
they have branded
her children’s flesh
with their molten cross
of religious intolerance
even now
as her children
are forced around
the fire of desperation
they continue
to destroy
all that is sacred
to kill
every wolf
there will be
no one
to voice
the spirit’s

14 thoughts on “hunting license…

  1. This immediately put into my heart a big heaviness. Imagine world without color. Imagine a white world … one not intended as God intended. About racism – my perceptions are that if you (generic you) are a person of color, you put something into my life that I do not have. I believe we all need each other.

    Thank you for this poem. I am not writing at the moment so do not come by – I am catching up on my reading after being away.

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  3. Total destruction of the Mexican grey wolf in my region by fearful, greedy hunters and ranchers decades ago. What transpires in nature transpires in man.

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