as you stand in line at starbucks…


i wondering
who will
take the time
to dig
beneath the rubble
of hope
to find
the charred
bones of peace
to reunite
the dream
the promise

9 thoughts on “as you stand in line at starbucks…

  1. I may be one of the few in America who has never entered in or had a Starbucks coffee. They could feed many others with what they pay for only one cup, never mind what they spend in a year, I would like to think they are affluent enough to do both, and do. One well in Haiti or a water wheel in Tajikistan can make such a difference to a village and it’s people.

  2. I think that should be the new logo for starbucks, it’s an israeli owned company, and as the great rapper, Lowkey, put it: “Every coin a bullet.”

  3. we’ve been boycotting them for a while now, here in the starlessbucksforgreed capital of the world… I was in shock until I realized you made that! thought it really came that way! 🙂

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