in defense of doomsday preppers…

in defense of doomsday preppers

when the killings
become easy
an acceptable
form of
for our youths
as mere
of video games
what questions
should we
ask ourselves
have we
lost sight of morality
have we
failed to put the fear
of god in them
have we
sheltered our children
from death’s pain
have we
abdicated our parenting
for friendship
have we
denied the truth
on what has changed
or what
has remained
the same
pretending that these sovereign states
have indeed created
a place
where all men
are created equal
has nothing to do with
what we have failed
to do

11 thoughts on “in defense of doomsday preppers…

  1. Resounding questions… I certainly don’t know the answers, but news such as the shooting of Christopher Lane has made me wonder what is wrong with people who do this violence.

  2. In my opinion, we have failed. Failed to teach love and kindness, and golden rule, the fruits of the spirit. Too many wars, too much bullying, too much texting, too much complacency, too much of all that is ugly.

  3. we haven’t really misled our children, we haven’t bothered to teach them in the first place. and when we need “ME” time to go to the gym and work out, or a few days to get that plastic surgery so we look younger, or just want to spend some time shopping….we hand them the ability to escape into a world where there are no laws or love. and we wonder why they like it so much….and then we are in shock when they kill an entire schoolroom of children…without one bit of remorse~!

  4. it’s a good question and think there are no easy answers.. life was harder in one way for kids a few years back but today it seems more difficult in a different way… thought provoking write charles

  5. I do hope that respect for human life is not gone. But teenagers have for decades had no concept of what it is. Earlier though it was gangs “getting a homicide” not privileged bored boys. But wait, I’m wrong, it was them too. Is it parents? Is it culture? Is it media? Good write on a troubling topic, Charles.

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