fair game…

fair game

the brown bag prophet
was sitting in the public library
trying to beat
the summer heat
he gestured for me
to come over
and said
i get confused
especially when
i attempt to think
about the government
the law
for example
when snowden
the government
it was called
a crime
when the government
an ambassador’s wife
as a cia operative
it was called
political revenge
i personally
would have called
mr rove’s actions
political revenge
sounds somehow
like she
deserved it
for serving
her country
can you see
i might
be confused
about what’s
fair game

13 thoughts on “fair game…

  1. Well when it’s the game of one standard for “ME” and another standard for “YOU” and the rules keep changing to suit “ME” all the time–of course it’s confusing. It’s part of the BIG LIE.
    O my what a cheery morning so far. Need to get more tea.

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