the life of a fool…

lthe life of a fool

rising each morning
avoiding an array
of once-used
christmas toys
scattered about
so many
fallen battlefield soldiers
these are not bleeding
but disregarded
in the same manner
a quick shower
coffee on the run
just to sit motionless
in some smog-filled valley
joining all the others
texting the office
on their late arrival
an electronic
time clock punching routine
arriving and attempting to avoid
the secretary’s indignant stare
retreating to the confines of
the stacks of half-completed memos
which multiply during the course
of the day
only to reach the end
of the day
and cycle back
into the smog
minefield of toys
to reach
the family dinner
on trays
in the front room
to listen to filtered news
then early to bed
no sugar plums fairies dancing
just upcoming bills
and then
line one

9 thoughts on “the life of a fool…

  1. “minefield of toys”
    Appropriate metaphor for all the electro-junk and other things in life we don’t really need.

  2. Sometimes it sucks to be a grownup. Love the casual way you threw in the line about battlefield soldiers, it gave it such a “whomp” to the face impact for me.

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