nothing left to lose….

nothing left to lose

the brown bag prophet
office workers
file out
of high-rises
well-dressed professors
head to starbucks
to meet
their favorite
mini-skirted lab assistants
the glint in his eyes
was more
than i
could resist
so i
why such
with these
he took
a sip from
his bag
they’ve all bought into
the illusion
of freedom
not knowing
any moment
a private corporation
the federal reserve bank
could call in
their loan on life
leaving them
to live
a penny-on-the-dollar existence
they’re all worker bees
doesn’t matter
their size
they’re all slaves
paycheck to paycheck
to payback
a national debt
to an unseen
who owns
every country
in the world
i wonder
has freedom
the living
the dead
brown bag drunk
by the side
of the road

20 thoughts on “nothing left to lose….

  1. I do enjoy the brown bag prophet’s perspective, as I enjoy Aunt Bea’s, too. And I like the nod to “Me and Bobby McGee” in the title. As for freedom… I suppose we’re all tied to something, though.

  2. good one! we’ve always been controlled by the machine, or the man…we just didn’t see it so clearly as we do now.. my dream was always like the movie, “Into the Wild”, that’s me, only I haven’t figured out how to transport all that TP I’m gonna need….lol

  3. Reblogged this on The Dad Poet and commented:
    I told you about Ann and John and a few others writing poems, reading them out loud, spreading the beauty of it. Here is another I admire greatly. Charles, and his cast, including Aunt Bea and the Brown-Bag-Prophet, cut to the heart of things, sometimes subtly, sometimes like a wooden bat to a low curve ball, like today. The incredible thing to me is that Charles does this almost every day, not just for a month, but year-round! More people need to be Reading Between the Minds.

    • Given the quality of your poetry and knowledge of poetry…I am more than honored…cannot tell you how much this means to me…many thanks for your kind words.

      • You are welcome, Charles. You have a gift for words, and a gift for speaking your poems that too many poets either lack or fail to cultivate. And not enough is said about your visual art. I am sorry if I have taken that for granted. So I am sure you know the admiration is mutual. I appreciate so much your insight and kindness.

        And I am grateful to you for the reaffirming compliments you’ve paid me.

      • Well as my friends used to say…being your friend is a job…I would and still give compliments only when due…that’s all I can say…well I could add that our comments are starting to sound like that Monty Python routine where they say ” Thank you…No Thank you…No THANK YOU, etc….” However, my comments and feelings about your poetry are quite sincere…enough said. 🙂

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