the sphere…

the sphere

he was
how he entered
the sphere
in a fetal position
he only knew
he could feel
the warmth
of hands
the pulsing
of blood
through veins
as the sphere
was passed
from one hand
to the next
he could not tell
if the hands
were old
or young
what color
they were
not even
social class
could be determined
no judgements
to be made
just the warmth
pulsing of life
he thought
was heaven

16 thoughts on “the sphere…

  1. This is a very good poem man. I really enjoyed it, and the ending to it is perfect. I am left wondering what exactly this sphere is, and I don’t want to know. 🙂

  2. I believe that every baby is born a Buddha. It’s society’s ills that distort the baby Buddha into pretensce, racism, ill-will, etc.

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