christmas cheer…

Image Source: Media Violence Org.

Image Source: Media Violence Org.

so this
is what
you’ve been
waiting for
an empty box
full of words
broken promises
all bundled up
for another
you’ll avert
your eyes
when they ask
do you like it
you will
of course
why should you
break from
your tradition
on telling
you want
them to hear
at this point
even you
have begun
to believe

17 thoughts on “christmas cheer…

  1. The season of masked expectations? “My serenity is in an inverse relationship with my level of expectations.” Dang it…it’s my responsibility, isn’t it? Some of us just hang ourselves up on the mobile and play our role. Due to emergency health issues of a friend, Christmas will be very peaceful here! Blessings on yours, Charles.

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  3. Since childhood I’ve wondered if people just really don’t really know the people they’re buying gifts for –hence the “unliked” items–or if it’s all deliberate to see how far they can push someone’s ability to be polite. Or are they really buying things they would like for themselves and they have NO clues whatsoever about real gift giving to people they care about but don’t comprehend. Or ?? You get my drift, I’m sure. But with all the “things” and experiences out there to share/give someone one would think it wouldn’t be so hard to actually “please’ another person with a gift. Odd isn’t it?

  4. Thank you 47 WhiteBuffalo, the pictures in the mantra were beautiful, the last one especially, the music soothing. A gift of love from one’s heart is the best gift of all, though even it is rejected by some

  5. This is why I always say I hate Christmas. It is stacked with this feeling of unfulfilled expectation and then if you dare to say you don’t like that forced emphasis on emptiness you are a bah humbug, a cynic, but still not a truth teller.

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