home sweet home…

the night’s silence
was shattered
by the sounds
of her daughter’s
heart beat
a sound
usually masked out
by the screeching screams
of the trains
as they re-carved
their way underground
to every part
of the city
she could even
hear the transformer
that served
as their heater
as it struggled
to keep up
with the pull
for current
from the buildings above
there were no
shuffling feet
scurrying through
the metallic jaws
of the trains
just sounds
she could barely
remember hearing
in all these years
that this chamber
has been their home
rising from the mat
of old newspapers
she peered around
the columns
it was empty
gone were
the panhandlers
who shared
their profits
with her
when her daughter
posed as their
starving child
gone were
the well dressed
business types
wanna-be-a-rich man types
there weren’t
any police
water was quickly
entering the tunnel
the world
must have ended
pulling her daughter
to her feet
they ran to the stairs
but there were bars
blocking the exit
they were trapped
the water
grew deeper
the transformer
the safe shelter
she had sought
social sneers
was soon
to become

14 thoughts on “home sweet home…

  1. This is not only sad, it is tragic if we lost a life or lives in this manner. One would hope that the city would have checked that everyone was out before they closed it off. Wonder if any deaths in this manner will be reported, so many have a lack of caring for the homeless.

  2. Thanks for shining a light into the darkness that is how many people actually live – hope they got out of the tunnels before the flooding – but it would be hard to warn some of these subterranean people.

  3. I’ve read there are 51,000 homeless in NY. They opened another 76 shelters to accomodate them during the storm. One wonders if that was enough. There’s more reporting on the people who have lost their homes to the storm than those who had none to begin with.

    Your description of the train is absolutley perfect, Charles.

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