what did you hear…

copyright 2012 cwmartin

no one
will write
a poem
in the sand
for you
no words written
with metaphors
comparing you
to exotic flowers
would it matter
the waves
would wash it away
like your dreams
to leave these streets
streets filled
with cardboard tombs
as temporary residences
for off-broadway citizens
street corner gypsies
holding brown paper bags
to hide
from public view
what was sold
like you hide
your fears
within your swagger
at you domain
through two starless skies
like a raven’s glare
when it tears
at flesh
your right of survival
to bury
your claws deep
into an unmedicated world
where your guttural mumblings
your mother’s


An Award from Just a thought…~ From inside my head  (http://stuffredsaid.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/the-birth-of-a-new-blog-award-because-i-couldnt-find-one-to-fit/#comment-733)

10 thoughts on “what did you hear…

  1. you know charles, sometimes i think that life was far more respectful to human beings even a couple of centuries ago, when people could build a hut and live there without being afraid of losing it.

  2. Congrats on the award, Charles. Someone did a good job put together the design. Your poem reminds me of a woman who is lost in the layers of living. Maybe the words we don’t understand are her mother’s nursery songs.

  3. On a night like tonight when it is so cold (Southern Hemisphere) I think about how terrifying and soul-destroying it must be to be homeless – next to losing my health, I cannot think of anything worse

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