at a loss…

copyright cwmartin 2012

of memories
the flesh
on the new day
lacerated thoughts
bleed into
of something new
the inner eye
the eyes
to look

20 thoughts on “at a loss…

  1. i used to be like that for quite a long time, i thought i will never heal and brood till eternity then things changed when i discovered the world is filled with loving people 🙂

  2. You’ve paired it with a photo somewhat political, but that doesn’t disguise how very real this is for each one of us. I love listening to you read your writing, btw. Thank you for your visits and comments. I smile whenever I see them.

  3. hi Martin , I’m familiar with the picture ,a snapshot from our area.a lovely poem Martin , as usual , despite regret I can smell a search for hope in your poem.

  4. How perceptive you are with regard to psain and the inner eye. It is hard to escape yesterday under those conditions. So sensitively written.

  5. This one is a beaut, for me the possible political overtones (? as suggested by the photo) weaken it, I prefer to think of these words as more universal.

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