winter’s rain…

digital decoupage cwmartin 2012

the rains come
construction dust
will be washed
from these
city streets
old motor oil
will be washed out
to sea
when the rain
the sidewalk stains
from a drive-by shooting
of a child
will join
the river of tears
that could not wash
a mother’s pain away
the rains

16 thoughts on “winter’s rain…

  1. This is very a beautiful write. Looking at it from a aesthetic point of view – words like rain and tear (in general everything water-y) seem to me always creating a strong imagery.

    ps. if you haven’t already – please take a look at my follow up comment to you on my blog. Malene

  2. the photo is grim Charles
    your poem well stated about the time that it takes to wash away the crime but not the pain

  3. I heard about the little girl who was killed a few days ago in Chicago in a drive-by shooting. Six years old. It leaves me almost without the ability to speak. The sorrow is like a rock in my chest.

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