international women’s day…

"The Child Shall Be First" - a mural by Peppino Mangravite (fragment)

the day
of recognition
is over
so it’s back
to abuse
as usual
a woman
from kosovo
will be kidnapped
from the street
to become
the bride
of a man
she barely knows
you needn’t worry though
it’s the way
things have
a daughter
will have acid
thrown in her face
by a rejected
iranian suitor
just another
local custom
you needn’t worry
will be vilified
for daring
to propose
that their bodies
are theirs
and not
the property
the state
you needn’t worry though
it’s the way
things have
the list
could go on
but i

16 thoughts on “international women’s day…

  1. This is stark, in-your-face, an excellent reminder to all of us that International Women’s Day should be every day, and that we should think about the plight of women every day, not just this one single day out of the whole year.

  2. I agree with you that “it’s the way things have always been”.

    Although, not being certain where you’re located, I find it interesting that you name places that are so far away from what is consider the “civilized western world” and you single out acts that receive high-profile media attention.There are atrocities that happen to women everyday, behind closed doors and through systemic policy and practices, in our own back yards – here in North America – that need our attention to end violence against women.

  3. It’s parallel to the condescension of other supposedly “minorities” being given the blah, blah of speech writers. Every day is our day, Charles. Yes, I mean humanity’s.

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