sunday premiere…

copyright cwmartin 2012

aunt bea
a church going woman
she was
confident in her faith
she would say
i don’t need
some old pastor
to tell me
and how
to believe
it is
what it is
it ain’t gonna change
my surprise
she asked me
to drive
her to church
none of my business
i did ask
she said
there’s a new young preacher
all the old ladies
their unwed daughters
will be out in force
all carrying their bibles
like cinderella’s shoe
that’s a show
i don’t  want
to miss

17 thoughts on “sunday premiere…

  1. reminded me of jane austen’s pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility 🙂

    just loved it!

    before reading these novels and watching these movies i used to think that this is the specialty of Indian women. We human beings are too alike to ignore.

  2. What a hoot! I once had an Anglican priest (woman) tell me how upsetting it was that parishioners never try to match-make the women clergy. I thought to myself, ‘Lord, say thanks for that!”

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