restraining order…

aunt bea
still retains her attorney
something about
an ungrateful son
primary goal in life
is to draft her into
the hollywood knitting circle
at the you’ll-never-get-out nursing home
so I can’t say
i was surprised
to see him leaving
i’ve learned to broach
the subject gently
still her son
but before
i could say a word
aunt bea said
requested a restraining order
not for what’s his name
for the us congress
since joe-six-pac
keep staring
at the severed head
of democracy
the whole body
is there
continue to vote
for the waxed figures
that occupy washington
i’ve decided
the only way
to save the country
to stop the damage
they’ve been doing
is to keep
them away
from washington
as long as
should be
a long time

14 thoughts on “restraining order…

  1. Haah! That’s a great way of keep the “congress” at bay! I am sooo with Aunt Bea on this one! And as for her son, I am sure even SHE thinks he is the lesser of criminals here…whew!

    Intense, Charles!! As ever!

  2. I see my earlier comment didn’t make it through the ether from BsAs… But perhaps, Aunt Bea, since they have done nothing but bicker for months now, perhaps we should first dock their pay for all the time they’ve wasted and send it to those who should have been helped.

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