judas is alive and well…

digital decoupage cwmartin 2012

thick slug
once used
with feathers
as a means of controlling
a freed race
now used
without feathers
as a means of controlling
fears of joblessness
tar sand
the new saviour
to job lines
lines only
the pockets
of societal

11 thoughts on “judas is alive and well…

  1. Let’s hope this madness comes to an end (but doubt it somehow, given the history and currency of oil which seeps into every aspect of our life). I love how you have used the reference to tarred and feathered.

  2. “Come and get your tar Sands disaster today!”
    “Drive right up and serve yourself the means of the destruction of the only planet you will ever know in this lifetime!”
    “Profits for everyone!”

    hmmm for some reason I just ain’t buying these lines —–

    sly grin—-hellooooooo slp…
    (yeah I been spending way too much time with certain sorts of subversives–and it’s sooooo fun!) lol

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