clinical considerations…

copyright cwmaritn 2011

one man rises
easter morning
the envy of all
he had made the call
of his own rise and fall
those left behind
have been wondering
if it was just
some kind of magic trick
such human thoughts
place their own deaths
in a void
the proverbial
between a rock
and a hard spot
a what’s next syndrome
that paralyzes
the masses
from action
when they already
what should be done
but one can never
be too careful
so rather than act
they react
while collecting
as many coins
as they can
just in case
the whole damn thing
was staged
and taking out
multiple memberships
since one
never knows
which version of god
will be calling
that is
if the line
isn’t already

12 thoughts on “clinical considerations…

  1. brilliant study of modern psychology. fabulously said.

    happy new year my dear friend. May every thing good shower down upon you, your loved ones this year and in the years that come by.

  2. a striking poem with brilliant observations on the human dilemma, Charles – the paralyzing what’s next syndrome, not knowing which version (if any) of god will be calling…

  3. WOW-E!

    the multiple memberships cracked me up…

    i sure hope the line isnt dead…

    many blesisng to you brother…

    this is such a strong start for the new year

  4. Yet again, you bring a powerful poem to us. This one rocked my eyeballs, with the magic trick to paralyzing masses to collecting coins and memberships. All strong images that you make work well together.

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