empty boxes…

in brightly colored paper
the boxes
asked for
surround the tree
tinselled dreams
sparkling like stars
await the dawn
of christmas day
within the boxes
you will find
that you

10 thoughts on “empty boxes…

  1. so true…the real important things you usually don’t find wrapped in nice paper…wishing you a merry christmas charles and you for sure brought lots of gifts to us during the year with your poetry..thank you

  2. a colourful post, Charles, in words as well as image, and a good reminder at this time of year – love doesn’t come out of prettily wrapped boxes, that’s for sure

  3. “tinseled dreams” … that says it all, Charles.

    May all your dreams be the ones that matter and my the gifts of love and light shine in your life.

    Many blessings for the season and throughout the 2012.

    Thanks for sharing the gift of yourself and your wisdom here and so generously.

    Merry Christmas,

  4. Charles, thank you for being one of my Christmas gifts. I’d love to have Christmas dinner with Aunt Bea and you…has she got an extra bite of turkey? I know she’s got the love! 😀

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