a sailor’s life…

copyright cwmartin 2011

in this safe harbor
waves of memories
make their way in
old dreams
of adventure
on life’s high seas
anchored to this point
thoughts of exploring
uncharted waters
pass quickly
for the storms
at sea
would crush these
aging hulls
and leave only
another shipwreck

13 thoughts on “a sailor’s life…

  1. Another great poem, but again this one brings out the sadness and longing. You have an incredible way with words that I envy. I love it but I’m with Sharmishtha, I’d be tempted to go for it. Experiencing life is good for us at any age, we must dare to do. I love those last lines, but I think we learn and grow from all those shipwrecks in life.

  2. Nice metaphor, Charles. I reckon an anchoring to the bar for a few hours and they’ll be off with dutch courage into the eye of a storm.

    Love the photo, too – beautifully balanced

  3. hmmm you must be hanging out by the sea this week. The sea always pulls a plethora of emotions from me and I am once again wreckless

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