stress reaction…

digital decoupage cwmartin 2011

it is
so easy
to let
the darkness
swallow hope
the weight
of despair
to lift
the darkness
hides all
the good
the bad
the living
the dying
all vanish
in the darkness
you don’t
even have to
going on
it’s all hid
in a dark veil
of ignorance
just sit
and wait
for death
like everyone else
the planet
who has
given in

13 thoughts on “stress reaction…

  1. At first this sounded like a perfect description of depression, and then I realized. the more I read, that you were writing about something much, much darker. And you did it well, my friend. Love what you did with the image.

  2. ugh..yes..too many have given in…and at times i fight hard against this kind of darkness as well…it overwhelms us all to easy if we’re not careful..thanks charles – i always leave here with my eyes “sharpened” and a bit more balanced.. you have a great way of setting things into a healthy relation..

  3. Whew! So many of us give up and give in, after a point.. I wonder if precious life deserves such rude behavior on our parts…
    Very powerfully expressed, Charles.. it broke through the walls of my currently numb mind, like a jolt!!

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