dr seuss book burning…


digital decoupage cwmartin

i’m not certain
how it all began
but i’m guessing
it was just
a scam
but parents
from around
the land
because a man
said the books
should be banned
he held a bible
up in one hand
the word
should be
the only
on a child’s nook
after a hearty breakfast
of green eggs
and ham
the mob
while children sobbed
stacked up
all the books
even the cat
in the hat
was set
on the pile
set them ablaze
in the morning haze
even tho
 i’ve tried
i’ll never
know why
perhaps he
or was just
in the head

19 thoughts on “dr seuss book burning…

  1. it is brilliant, Charles, and really wouldn’t surprise me all that much… but for me and my house, we will trust our own gut instinct on what to keep and what to throw to the flames

  2. *sigh*

    Maybe we should just sit all children in front of a TV that plays white noise all day?

    That way their imaginations will die and the population will be MUCH easier to manage…

    No, no – no I say!
    we can not let them rule that way.

    We have to read green eggs and ham
    We have to – have to, Uncle Sam!

    How else can we all have our voice?
    How else can we all have a choice?

    Don’t let the bible man flimflam…
    Help us, help us Uncle Sam.


      • 🙂

        I’m a Seuss fan from WAY back.

        I can recite many of his books (cover to cover) after reading them hundreds of times to each of my children and many of their friends as well as my students and in some cases their parents as well!

        Burning any book is dangerous Charles.

        Book burning is an act of aggression committed against a free society.

        We may not agree with everything we read in print but we all deserve the freedom and the right to make the choice for ourselves.


  3. ugh… great poem, but brings back bad memories… no book burnings, but close enough… I hate how so many people will just blindly follow/believe things even today…. like stupid email rumors or whatever..

  4. Yes to the second suggestion! My mother had that happen to her thanks to a sick aunt who was supposed to be tending 4 motherless children. I don’t think my mother ever forgave that woman. Truly, it did turn out that the woman was ill.

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