a public service annoucement…

modified google image

the following poem
contains graphic
references to
being abused
because of neglect
you may
wish to
turn away
or surf over to
the three-hour
results show of
with the stars
any one
of a number
of mind-numbing programs
the children
will still be there
waiting in full view
just outside your door
so it is recommended
that you stay
for the duration
it shouldn’t
be too long

10 thoughts on “a public service annoucement…

  1. Africa is one of the worst places, so many die each day. It is time for everyone of us to be doing something, be part of a solution. Search our hearts for an answer that is workable for us. One by one, we can become many, and begin to make a dent in this horrific problem. You have written this so explicitely, one cannot help feel their pain.

  2. a brutal reminder, a world that takes proud in giving birth to children and then letting them starve to death.

    in a country like india, women like me are looked down upon, called bad omen because we prefer not to give birth to one (i have some very serious criteria regarding my children- unfortunately i cant afford to have one or adopt one ‘smiles’).

  3. Hard images to read, but of course that is why you write. When will we have food for all? Even India, that has the resources, is only now beginning a school lunch program. And here at home it isn’t much better.

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