she’s a saint…

digital decoupage cwmartin

i’ve been thinking
about that old clock
hour after hour
day after day
year after year
with machine precision
she tends to the needs
of others
pouring out
i suspect
her soul
into the empty bowls
of their lives
never once
thinking about herself
the needs
of others
i was wondering
what makes
when will


Thanks to Jamie for the  Versatile Blogging  Award..I … like my dear friend Cindy shall not pass it on…for the same reasons, but truly appreciate the award from Jamie…a writer I dearly love.

14 thoughts on “she’s a saint…

  1. What a beautifully touching poem! You are certainly blessed yourself, your writings are so diverse, so much feeling and passion in them. She must have a servant’s heart. True blessings come in serving others. She is doing what we are all called to do. Reminds me of the example Jesus gave us in John 13. Greatness in God’s kingdom is never to be found in position, or in power,or in the praise or opinions of men, but in servant like service to others. Wouldn’t it be wonderous if everyone in the world would love and serve each other. Perhaps we could make it a better place.

  2. i know such people and some seem to get strength to move on just by making others happy…some strand somewhere on the way…a thoughtful write charles.
    off-topic: unfortunately i couldn’t watch the youtube video you posted in my comment section…always the old story with german copyright laws…

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