here inside my paper cup…

digital decoupage cwmartin

sitting inside
his cardboard box
he watched
the legs
of connoisseurs
pass by
his portal
on 53rd street
the meaning
of their lives
confined to those finely
pressed corporate suits
and skirts
that they all
one thing
in common

16 thoughts on “here inside my paper cup…

  1. we all have birth and death in common its what we try do do with our lives where things differ some struggle eveeryday some are born into wealth but they do not get the experience of life as they should i often wonder what its like sitting in a box just watching xxjen

  2. hmmm..i’m one of those in a corporate skirt and sometimes when i pass those at the side of the streets, i’m wondering who the winners and the losers are..good write charles

  3. As e. e. cummings wrote “we do/ not sell and buy/ things so necessary as/ is death and unlike shirts/ neckties trousers/we cannot wear it out/… ourselves against the worms/ hate laugh shimmy” I had been away from your blog far too long– caught up now in a nice with-coffee morning hour. Thanks for your bouquet of insights!

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