copyright cwmartin 2011

hold fast
if you wish
to the rusted chains
that anchor you
to your haven
of self-certainty
and denial
for outside
the sacred stones
that line the walls
forming the port
is a sea of knowledge
it may be best
that you stay
not sail these waters
for this sea
has been known
to swallow
a mind
like yours

16 thoughts on “outside…

  1. really enjoyed this one, Charles. The picture was a perfect touch… the words… beautifully written. Ignorance can be bliss… but, what happens when those rusted chains finally break?

  2. Perhaps the rusty chains provide comfort while nothing on the outside does. Whatever truths are held within the wall, it is important they are known, in knowing the truth there is strength. The lies and deceptions that some play out for others is destructive. Most people are stronger than others perceive. The picture is beautiful.

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