before sunrise…

in the night
when loneliness
envelops consciousness
form rainbows
of fear
the warmth
of a lover’s skin
the blue sky
of morning

11 thoughts on “before sunrise…

  1. I do so enjoy your romantic poems. I agree with Claudia, such an unusual useage of rainbows. Perhaps since rainbows are so full of love, hope, promise and beauty, the nightmares will not be so bad. May you have many blessings in your life to chase away all fears.

  2. Sweet, thanks for this lovely thought… btw, I finally did something long overdue — I added your link to the October Babies blog.

  3. This poem strikes me as completely right — it doesn’t need any more or less. What a positive thought about a lover’s skin providing morning light. A wonderful point for loving companionship.

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