nothing like a hard rain…

Image by David Wagner

my cousin
tommy and i
would go out
after a hard rain
at night
with old coffee cans
to collect
as many worms
as we could
for fishermen
our lights
exploring the landscape
probably better
than most snipers
scanning a battlefield
our goal
was not to kill anyone
just to collect
enough wiggling things
to buy
highly desired
baseball bubble gum cards
by our parents
i think about it
every time it rains
as I drive
my beamer
the beach

11 thoughts on “nothing like a hard rain…

  1. Perfect timing on this one, Charles! The rich are really driving into the eye of the storm–literally, in refusing to leave their multi-million dollar beach homes–and in forgetting the simple pleasures. Great poem!

  2. Thanks for the memories this morning. My sister and I would do that with my Dad,as we did a lot of fishing, although neither of us has the Beamer now. I smiled as I remembered a can of worms landing on top of my sister’s head as my Mom struggled with learning to drive clutch. Why the worms were on the back window ledge of the car, I cannot remember,except that the car was packed full. My youngest grand daughter and I love to find worms in Grammy’s garden,and then go fishing in the pond. Her Mom is a city girl and has no appreciation for worms and fishing. Do kids even collect baseball cards anymore? There is so much joy in being out in the rain, splashing in puddles is awesome fun, walking in the rain refreshes the soul. Time has a way of changing everything, especially our life circumstances, not always for the better.

  3. nothing is half as sweet as happy childhood memories . though the thought of wiggly worms gives me a shudder. my net connection is back will have to spend the rest of the month reading the works of friends. my posts are already scheduled.

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