leave the damn sand hills alone…

image copyright Kenneth Dewy

i must make
a disclosure
i lived in
so my feelings
about tar sand
may be viewed
as a little biased
i’m not getting paid
to say what i say
like a certain blond
i saw recently
on my computer screen
expounding upon
improved national security
jobs galore
would be pouring
into the country
because of our good neighbor
to the north
she was obviously
not from nebraska
where common sense
is prerequisite for existence
since she failed
to discuss
all the
from leaks
in the transcanada pipeline
for example
she didn’t talk
about the cheap fuel
that would be readily
available from
every drinking water tap
nor the preoiled critters
that would be available
at meal time
saving a preparation step
she just
rambled on into
the abyss
of marketing greed
leaving me
with a mouthful
of oily canada sand

11 thoughts on “leave the damn sand hills alone…

  1. Did she happen to mention that some of us in Canada are dismayed over this gash about to be made down both our countries and the effect of the Tar Sands on on our First Nations lands and hunting territories and the impact it will have on wild life and…

    Who the hell is listening?

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