a shower and a shave…

before gravity
the lines around
his eyes
were less
a quick glance
in the mirror
would have
convinced him
that time
had chosen
to be kind
to him
seemed to awaken
before the last
swipe of the blade
had found
his face
and each line
to its
and he
with resentful grace
accepted his place
in death’s

16 thoughts on “a shower and a shave…

  1. Hey how r u?
    Got caught in the maze of life. But am back after a year.
    As always started with some of the best poem blogs..
    Seems you have kept up the spirit of poems.
    Trust we would interact more frequently now.

  2. Charles, I don’t care about all these lines, I’m heading over to the life queue. The one that is filled with IPhones, IPads, skateboards and quads. Those folk are so into their own stuff they won’t even notice me!

  3. A fabulous and splendid poem to read. Your poem bask in rich philosophical texture. In other words, nice stuff. There seems to be a nice tone, voice and presence quality, flowing, through your masterful piece. What give this poem great sustenance is its truthfulness and passion. Again, I am overwhelmed with your persistence and total dedication, to do good works, penning poetry. You process all the primary color of the rainbow red, blue, green, yellow, violet and indigo.All you have to do is improvise through your words. Indeed, heaven is knocking at the poet’s door. Your are truly a superb poet with so much potential. Just keep telling the truth and paint with your words. Well done!


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