no rush…

with his bare hands
he began to write out
his suicide note
he had considered
typing it
so there would be
no confusion about
it seemed
rather impersonal
he always felt
that communications
should have
humanity to it
so he decided
to write it out
in longhand
but was worried
that he might misspell
some words
since he was
so used to
using spellcheck
he could
type it out first
and then transfer it
to letterhead
someone might think
he was forced into copying
a note that had been
typed out for him
so that was out
therefore he set about
writing the note
checking the dictionary
as he went along
it was more of an epistle
than a note
he fell asleep
an hour into the process
by dawn
had forgotten
why he started it
went to work
as usual

18 thoughts on “no rush…

  1. I like it… I liked how the rythem in my head read it…. It was kind a fun to read even though it’s a sad subject… By the end you relize… He really didn’t want to any way….

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  3. Beautiful flow. Emphasizes the principle of never acting (reacting) in an emotional state. Take a couple of beats, always. Also reminded me of the “It gets better” campaign.

  4. as serious as the subject matter is, i found it really funny that in the mist of trying to perfect and make it as humaine/dramatic as possible, he slept it off, and forgot all about it… thats awesome

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