not again…

photographic decoupage cwmartin 2011

that every time
you take a step
wander off
into the dark corners
of your existence
an angel
that relative
who always
called your mom
before you arrived home
could formulate
a reasonable excuse
resulting in
an all too
appropriate punishment
for those missteps
the full delight
said relative
that same relative
over your head
right now
taking notes
you know
sort of  a

15 thoughts on “not again…

  1. Thats such an interesting and positive way to look at this ! loved reading this.. made me sit and think about it.. and also a second read 🙂

  2. A tattle-tale angel?? great. just what I need. lol
    Well, at least, they are doing it for my own good, you’re implying (in addition to their own amusement)… LOL

  3. I loved the pic, the angel taking notes. It did make me smile to think that she was amused. Guess the key would be to try and stay out of the dark corners.

  4. rgd. your comment on my poem…you hit the nail – it is about conformity and beating those into conformity that do not want to submit, going even as far as abusing them and rob them off their dreams…you read with a sharp eye charles…

  5. we all have such relatives 🙂
    some of my uncles and aunties were like that too, playing the part of “pin” ready to poke at the right place, at the right time.

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