night vision…

digital collage cwmartin 2011

these empty minutes
in the night
fill like a stream
of memories
into an arroyo
of desire
thoughts of her
wash through
my mind
as i count stars
as alone as i
wondering when
the moon will rise again
shining its love
upon the earth below
warming a soul

18 thoughts on “night vision…

  1. Truly lovely, is it my imagination or does the clock really say loving? At least that is what I see. The lonely moments are with us perhaps, so that we will reflect inward, and discover new things about ourselves.

  2. “in the night… of desire… my… soul empty without her touch”

    that popped out in bold to me….

    great poem, and great artwork to boot!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it…I know what you mean about commenting…I feel the same way many times when I read something…thanks ever so much for your comment today.

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