no shelter…


copyright cwmartin 2011


whether it be
because of
rain or blazing sun
the world
has become a place
without shelter
an innocent child
of eight years
is hung
by the taliban
norwegian woods
flow with blood
african children
with distended bellies
suffer the pain
and miseries
of hunger
but still
the charlatans
debate debt ceilings
for the next election
cementing their greed
into the fiber of life
while sealing the graves
of others

13 thoughts on “no shelter…

  1. A sad fact in the current world… and they say every VOTE counts… I wonder what it really counts towards! 😦
    This one came across very powerful, Charles…

  2. Strong words on a horrid reality. Why would the Olso gunman shoot children? (not that I would have him shoot anyone). Why does our Congress pose and posture as their invented ship goes down, ignoring all the better uses they could put their time a salaries to.

  3. we are a pathetic species, who fail their offsprings. the rich are too busy running after money, poor are too busy running after bread, no one bothers about the life they brought to earth.

  4. This powerful poem brings a sad and hard comparison to what’s going on in the world… the debate in Congress seemed endless… all while horrible events happen around the world.

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