jury of peers…

they were
to follow
the recipe
the deserted
island survivors
died of starvation
since they
only had
coconut milk

12 thoughts on “jury of peers…

  1. A poem for thought. Very layered. I like the Gilligan’s Island reference. Now I want some coconut cream pie! 🙂

  2. Reference to Casey Anthony?

    Thanks for you comment today on My Fellow Americans. Dittos my discussion below the vid, which I don’t think anyone is reading. Lesson learned! …

    Happy weekend, Charles …

  3. This reminds me, also, of large corporations…people being afraid to follow the heart when policy says otherwise. Never the intent of the policy, but it must be applied!

  4. I would like to use the illustration of the jurybox on a project I am working on. Can you point me to the source/artist? Please email me.

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