public notice…

the austerity
avoid riots
at any cost
is pleased to announce
that a settlement
has been reached
with all governmental
maintenance groups
a historic document
offering all workers
the same
compensation package
as legislators
as a result
all governmental decisions
and maintenance projects
have been

11 thoughts on “public notice…

  1. The riots were not avoided here in Athens! The aftermath of two days with tear gas … Syntagma square is soaked in sting, a day after the riots you pass by there and the smell hits you in the eyes to tears. The white marble is now gray with black sprayed words on it … not in harmony with the sunshine at all …

  2. compensation??? hate for people to actually get paid

    thanks soo Charlie for your support of my blog – I feel like my hiatus is moving in…

  3. ha! no one will be fooled by these words again. i used to adore the theories of communism till i saw the prosperity of their leaders and penury of their working class.

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