to a poet having lost faith…

you have forgotten
the first rule
love thyself
as you would another
without that
love becomes
a person
to be held
not fulfillment
of self
even love
of the other
look not
to the horizon
but in the mirror
for what you
seek to understand
that which love
can be

13 thoughts on “to a poet having lost faith…

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  2. Brilliant! I have been having a rough patch, and my poetry has been going down hill, I would claim as a result. However, after reading this, I realize that I am creating half the problem. Very wise words.

  3. This was so wonderful, I wish many more would remember the first rule. My Mother always said “To thine own self be true” If you are happy, content with your look in the mirror, yourself may be a reflection that might influence others.

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